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Do you have questions about Temporary Fencing Systems? Well, here you'll find the answers to all those questions you've always wanted to ask but never dared.

The No Thru Security Fencing System:

How Does The No Thru Temporary Fencing System Work?

What Makes The No Thru Temporary Fencing System Different?

Is The No Thru Fencing System More Expensive?

Is No Thru Temporary Fencing For You?

Is The No Thru Temporary Fencing System Available Nationally?

The What, Why & Where Of Temporary Fencing:

What Are The Primary Uses of Temporary Fencing?

Why Do You Need Temporary Fencing?

Where Can You Use Temporary Fencing?

The Pros & Cons of Temporary Fencing?

Temporary Fencing Costs:

How Much Does Temporary Fencing Cost?

Are There Additional Costs When Hiring Temporary Fencing?

What Are The Benefits of Buying Temporary Fencing Over Hiring?

What Is The Main Temporary Fencing System Flaw?

Temporary Site Fences Are Everywhere. 

By law, building sites are required to erect temporary fencing from the time the building work commences until the lock-up stage at the very least. They can also be seen at most outdoor events such as concerts. The uses and locations for temporary fencing are endless.

Temporary fencing and security fencing are crucial to ensure your property, and plant materials are protected from damage or/and theft. Another reason may be to make sure the public is safe and follow relevant health and safety regulations. Contact us today on to see why the No Thru temporary fencing system is the way forward for you.

Temporary Fencing Flaws

While a temp fence may look imposing, it has a fundamental flaw. No matter how high, thick or heavy a temporary fence may be, it can be broken into simply by releasing the bolted bracket that holds two fence panels with a simple spanner. Yes, anybody with a shifting spanner, aka adjustable wrench, can get through any temporary fence.

The Solution

The No Thru International Patent Pending design has changed everything. There is no longer a physical way of discreetly undoing a fence with a tool and getting through. Contact us today for further information and see why the revolutionary No Thru temporary fencing is perfect for your needs.

Breaking into No Thru temporary fencing would require heavy cutting equipment that opportunistic thieves don’t carry around and that targeted crooks would be reluctant to use to avoid drawing attention to themselves. There is even scope to strengthen and enlarge the No Thru temporary fence to a point where it’s almost impossible to breach. This opens up possibilities to protect high-value items and possessions, quickly establish national border controls, or address other acute crowd control needs.

This is all made possible because the No Thru fence has eliminated the bolted bracket design and replaced it with a patented interlocking system that simply cannot be separated by an unauthorised person. Do you want to know how?


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We welcome all conversations around local and international partnerships, and licensing of NO THRU intellectual property, including patents.


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