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What’s the problem with temporary site fencing?

Temporary site fences are everywhere. Every building site and outdoor events such as concerts seem to have loads of it, and then you also see them in the most random of locations!

While a temp fence may look imposing, it has a fundamental problem. No matter how high, thick or heavy a temporary fence may be, they can ALL be broken into simply be releasing the bolted bracket holding two fence panels with a simple spanner. Yes anybody with a shifting spanner, aka adjustable wrench, can get through any temporary fence!

SOLUTION: The No Thru ™ International Patent Pending design has changed everything. There is no longer a physical way of discreetly undoing a fence with a tool and getting through.

Breaking in would require heavy cutting equipment that opportunistic thieves would not have, and that targeted crooks would be reluctant to use to avoid drawing attention to themselves. There is even scope to strengthen and enlarge the No Thru temporary fence to a point where it’s almost impossible to breach. This even opens up possibilities of protecting highly valuable items, quickly establishing national border controls, or addressing other acute crowd control needs.

This is because the No Thru ™ fence has eliminated the bolted bracket design and replaced it with a patented interlocking system that simply cannot be separated by an unauthorised person. How? That’s for a coming article, along with a video.