No Thru™

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Revolutionary Interlocking Fencing System.

No Thru™ is a game changer in temporary fencing! The KEY of the system is in the foot. A combination of a panel key and keyhole in the foot prevents the panel from being lifted & the brace stops the foot from rotating. The No Thru™ temporary fencing system allows you to define your access points, so rather than having to monitor the whole perimeter, only the access points (gate/s) need to be padlocked or monitored by CCTV or a security guard. Watch the video to see how it works.


Why No Thru™?


Don't be a victim of crime or vandalisim - Insist on 'No Thru™!'

“millions of dollars of tools, machinery, materials and white goods are stolen from construction sites each year."


No Thru™ is extremely durable, it can be used for long periods can withstand all seasons. Another advantage of No Thru™ is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble making them perfect for last-minute events and emergency situations.

Cost Effective

Are you paying extra hidden costs of hiring temporary fencing - damaged feet, stolen panels, re-installation? When you calculate the extra cost of damage and theft, the No Thru™ system can provide a better ROI.

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