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Temporary Fencing Costs Australia

Temporary fencing costs vary from company to company. Average costs are about $7-10 per metre to hire per week, about $500 for 40-50 metres. The same length of panelling will cost about $900 for 12 months’ hire.

The reason it is cheaper for long-term hire is that the majority of costs come from the initial set-up of the temporary fencing. This is why it can often be more cost-effective to buy temporary fencing and barriers rather than renting them.

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Are there additional costs when hiring temporary fencing?

One way temporary fencing suppliers make their money is with the additional fees and charges they add. These include delivery, installation, cleaning, relocation and admin costs, as well as damage and replacement charges. Examples of these are:

  • $70 for each missing or damaged panel
  • $30 for each missing foot weight
  • $40 for damaged or missing gate wheels.

These costs show why panels are often targets for thieves nowadays.

Why is the No Thru™ temporary fencing system more cost-effective?

The No Thru™ fencing system eliminates the chance of stolen panels and feet due to its advanced International Patent Pending design.

This design makes it virtually impossible for thieves to steal sections of the fencing without heavy-duty tools that would make a lot of noise and draw a lot of attention.

The initial outlay may seem more expensive with the No Thru™ fencing system; however, it can work out cheaper in the end when you calculate the extra expenses of damage and thefts. Give us a call today on +61 (0)456 789 000 to find out whether No Thru™ temporary fencing is the solution for you.

Is No Thru™ temporary fencing for you?

The No Thru™ security fencing system is not aimed at the cheap temporary fencing market, which is saturated in Australia. We aim to supply high-quality temporary security fencing that cannot be easily breached or stolen.

Our focus is on temporary fencing that gives you peace of mind when you lock up at night. You do not have to worry about thieves and vandals and employ additional security staff or acquire CCTV.

No Thru™ temporary fencing is suitable for building and civil contractors, local councils, schools, and festival and event organisers. Also, Education and other government departments such as roads and rail transport.

To see how our ingenious system works, watch the video below.

Is the No Thru™ temporary fencing system available nationally?

Our initial rollout will be in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast but as demand increases, we will supply nationwide. This type of temporary fencing also has international potential and we are looking to expand into the international market too.

If you would like to find out why No Thru™ temporary fencing is the best thing since sliced bread, then don’t hesitate to give us a call today on +61 (0)456 789 000.