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Temporary Fencing System – No Thru™

The No Thru™ temporary fencing security system is like no other. Its International Patent Pending design has revolutionized the way temporary fencing and barricades will be used from here on.

Its unique locking foot system eliminates the need for the old-style clamp, which could be easily opened with a spanner or similar tool. Instead, it comprises of just the panel and foot reducing the components from three to two.

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Where is No Thru™ fencing available?

The No Thru™ fencing system is initially being rolled out in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast but will be available nationally soon. Future plans will include international sales in places such as the USA, UK, Europe and New Zealand to name a few.

Is the No Thru™ fencing system more expensive?

Naturally, a more secure system will be more expensive to rent or buy. Statistics show that site related thefts are on the increase. According to one specialist insurer, Trade Risk, the majority of tool theft occurs on-site via gates and fences, with forced entry accounting for 48% of thefts.

This is one of the main reasons the No Thru™ security fencing system focuses on security, not competing with other companies to make cheap temporary fencing.

Is the No Thru™ security fencing system cost-effective?

A few years ago, South Australia police reported that theft and property damage from building sites averaged about $4,000 per new house in South Australia. Sadly, many have found out the hard way that insurance companies don’t cover the full loss.

A report (Theft and vandalism at residential building sites in Australia) stated that “a large percentage of victims who were insured made no claim to their insurance companies (74% for theft victims and 88% of vandalism victims).” The report went on to explain, “One reason for the low rate of claims is that the total loss was not high enough to outweigh the cost of the policy excess, or of the trouble involved in making a claim.”

A brochure released by NSW Police states, “Theft from residential construction sites accounts for 1% of the cost of a new home. These hidden costs are often passed onto the homebuyer.” The same report recommends the use of temporary fencing, saying, “Temporary fencing can help reduce the incidence of theft and vandalism.”

What makes the No Thru™ temporary fencing system different?

Temporary fencing is essential for any building and construction site and even a legal requirement in most states. (https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/construction-site-security-fencing).
The problem, as previously mentioned, is that traditional temporary fencing is ridiculously easy to break into – even children can do it. That’s what makes the No Thru™ fencing security system a cut above the rest, and its unique locking system prevents unauthorized access without the use of heavy cutting equipment.

This is achieved by having a locking element on the right-hand side of the foot and a brace on the left-hand side which stops the fence panel from being lifted. The brace also stops the foot from rotating.

The No Thru™ system allows you to define your access points because it reduces the number of panels that can be accessed. This eliminates the need to monitor all the perimeter panels, making them much easier to control.

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