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Temporary Fencing Supply

Do you want to know why the No Thru™ temporary fencing system is better than any other temporary fencing on the market? In one word, Security! The No Thru™ system can’t be easily removed by unauthorized persons.

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Millions are lost each year from construction sites

One serious flaw of standard temporary fencing and barricades is that they can be easily undone with an adjustable wrench or spanner. This is often the way unauthorized people gain access to construction sites and large events.

Each year, huge amounts of money are lost due to people entering concerts for free or from vandalism and theft from construction and building sites.

According to one news report, “millions of dollars of tools, machinery, materials and white goods are stolen from construction sites each year.” It went on to say that, “according to Western Australian police, theft from residential construction sites accounts for one per cent of the cost of a new home.”

Last year, Civil Contractors Federation WA chief executive Andy Graham said, “Often, the damage done by thieves will be worse than the theft itself… For example, they will cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to steal a few hundred dollars worth of diesel, or they will rip out newly installed underground cable, requiring costly and time-consuming rework in addition to the value of the cable.”

The same article reports Master Builders executive director John Gelavis as saying, “Building site theft and vandalism has been a major issue in the building and construction industry over many years. The significant financial costs to builders and consumers along with the emotional stress to delayed completion times impacts both the community and industry alike.”

No Thru™ temporary fencing system saves money in the long run

This ongoing issue was one of the things that sparked us to develop the No Thru™ temporary fencing security system. Its ingenious design means it would require heavy cutting equipment to breach the fence panel. There is even scope to strengthen and enlarge the No Thru ™ temporary fence to a point where it’s almost impossible to breach.

Think of the money saved by having secure sites and events. This will have a greater impact in future years with cheaper housing and infrastructure costs to name two, the possibilities are endless!

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