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Benefits of No Thru™

Why did we re-invent the temporary fence?
Temporary fencing has always been treated as just that - 'temporary', and that has meant insecure, unsafe and impractical fences (supposedly) protecting people, supplies and equipment - it's just not good enough. We have created a new design that provides you with a secure, stable and cost effective fencing solution.

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According to the report "Theft and vandalism at residential building sites in Australia" by the "Australian Institute of Criminology" theft and vandalism on residential building sites it a real problem.

Graph of Theft Statistics

The sad fact is, that often these thefts go unreported and the victims often don't claim the losses on insurance. According to specialist insurer Trade Risk, the majority of tool theft occurs on site, with cut padlocks accounting for 20% of thefts (via gates) and forced entry at 48% of thefts. No Thru™ can help prevent a large number of these forced entries.

The same report highlights the need for real security on your site when you aren't there. Weekends and nights are the vandal's prime times for action.

Times Theft Occured





The Solution

No Thru™ is inherently more secure than the current temporary fence solutions out there. Because every panel locks into the previous one, like a chain, there is no way an intruder can gain access to you site, except via the designated entry points (gates).


The No Thru™ temporary fencing security system is like no other. Its International Patent Pending design has revolutionised the way temporary fencing and barricades will be used from here on.

No Thru Foot Schematic

The No Thru™ International Patent Pending design has changed everything. There is no longer a physical way of undoing a fence with a tool and getting through.

Breaking into No Thru™ temporary fencing would require heavy cutting equipment that opportunistic thieves don’t carry around, and that serious crooks would be reluctant to use as the noise would attract unwanted attention. This means you can now protect high-value items and possessions, or use for crowd control needs. This is all made possible because the No Thru™ fence has eliminated the bolted clamp design and replaced it with a patented interlocking system that simply cannot be separated by an unauthorised person.

The Result

No Thru™ is changing the way temporary fencing in viewed in the industry. In the past temporary fencing has often only been considered a compliance matter- 'I need to have it because the authorities say so'. Now with No Thru™, site & safety managers are keen to use a system that actually works!


On October 4th, 2016 in a Melbourne subub two women (one elderly) were injured when a temporary fence fell on them during ​strong winds.

No Clamps or Cable Ties

How many times have you seen shoddy fences installed around a construction site or event? Some have even used cable ties or wire to 'secure' their panels together! All it takes is for a delivery driver or sub-contractor to leave a clamp loose and it leaves you vulnerable to theft, liability, fines and/or prosecution for not maintaining a secure site.

As previously mentioned, traditional temporary fencing is ridiculously easy to break into – even children can do it. And therein lies one of the benefits of No Thru™, not only does it keep your building supplies, equipment & site safe, it also keeps curious kids safe. Nobody wants to see someone get injured, but having a child injured because of poor temporary fencing would be devastating. That’s what makes the No Thru™ fencing security system a cut above the rest, and its unique locking system certainly prevents unauthorised access from kids looking for an adventure..

Cost Effective

With building material and labour costs going through the roof these days - every cent counts!

Return on Investment

One way temporary fencing suppliers make their money is with the additional fees and charges they add. These include delivery, installation, cleaning, relocation and admin costs, as well as damage and replacement charges. Examples of these are:

  • $100 for each missing or damaged panel
  • $40 for each missing foot weight
  • $150+ for a crew to visit site and re-instate removed clamps and separated panels

These costs also show why the panels themselves are often targets for thieves. That's why No Thru™ makes sense. Our panels can’t be stolen like the typical "unbolt and pinch" kind. Just set and forget!

Simple, Fun, Online Ordering

No need to pick up the phone! We're all stretched for time and if you have multiple builds going on it's even more important to work smarter NOT harder!

"Focus on being productive instead of busy."

No Thru Mapping Order System

No Thru™ has developed an online GPS based ordering method for your temporary fencing. Need a fence in a hurry? Don't have time to get to the site & measure up? Not sure of what the site looks like? No Worries!

No Thru's online ordering system allows you to navigate to the required address, plot your fence, add gates and extra ballast feet if needed. You can even switch to satellite or street view to get a good idea of exactly what you need. And, here's the best part; you can do it all from the comfort of you desk, vehicle or on site using a tablet or PC without needing to pick up the phone! It also allows you to see in real-time how many panels and feet are needed, what the cost is, and then pay online. It also makes sure there is no misunderstanding when the fence is delivered, as the installation crew will have a map created by you!

The Result

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